When you live abroad, it happens very often to have people asking where you are from and find yourself in the situation of explaining – all over again – where your hometown is located. After several times, eventually you end up refining your explanation and tailoring the perfect description that you play by heart when the situation requires it.  Some people may also recur to their hands (Italians are really good at it) and draw imaginary maps and boundaries, challenging the geographical knowledge of their audience, who often regrets to have asked that question.

As far as I am concerned, when it comes to explain where I am from, I feel quite lucky because the particular shape of my region, seen as the heel of the Italian boot, makes it much easier to explain.

I come from Puglia, the easternmost region of Italy, a charming land that lies between the Adriatic and the Ionian seas. Here is where I was born and spent my adolescence, before moving towards new life paths. Although Puglia is not as famous as other Italian region, it is currently the faster growing area in terms of tourism and culinary culture, but a very few seems to know about its treasures and potential.

Despite I have been away for quite long now, living in Dublin for over six years, I have never forgotten my homeland. This is why one day I decided to create a web site with the aim to promote awareness of Puglia and provide information to those interested in discovering this land.

This is was something I have never done before but I took on the challenge, getting really excited by the idea of creating a website from scratch and putting myself into something new. The project called for a great deal of determination and a consistent investment of time with tight schedule to follow, but eventually the result was worth the effort. After a few months of dedicated work, I successfully managed to launch the BeautifulPuglia.com site and achieve my goal of showcasing and promoting the beauty of this region.

Website address: www.beautifulpuglia.com